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Monday, July 11, 2005


I guess time has come to close this blog.
It covered not only the last months but the first 37 years of my life.
Will stay online as memory of me though not really any interested i think.
A big super thank to all those who made my life wonderful til now: my family, friends in Italy, and friends in Arabia land.
This blog is specially dedicated to those who changed my life, saudis and omanis in primis.
God bless you all.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Da Queen al Sultanate

Enthusiastically i left the UAE: maybe too few time to understand this monster machine whose heart is Dubia, maybe is me to love little warm atmospheres.
I realised i was at home when i heard a guy from Malta complaining about the fact that the guys at airport at his request about multiple visa answered it would take hours though is well illustrated on ROP site.
They changed the visa application form, don't ask about visitors religion anymore, maybe just interested in locals sect lol.
Tourism is really at maximum levels, which makes me happy, maybe something moving: not only russian girls now but also russian families and rich too.
Ohh i forgot, i urgently need an apartment in Qurum area, 200 OR, if any can help please email me.
Hmmm what else, walla today was really hot and infact dunno what to write, ah the trial maybe?
The terrorists are in jail lol and people protested twice, they were more than 2000: people minimise but i watched a video, was really cool: reminded the palestinians i saw in Bahrein, but multiplied and never thought it would ever happen here.
I don't think the Sultan really knows about all this, God knows what the CID tells him, but if he knew, the best move he should do is to come back al contact with his people, that contact who gave him the strength to build this beautiful country.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

On Top of the Hills with Mohammed

no worry i didn't change bf, am always madly in love with my omani poet Saleh
Mohammed is my taxi driver here lol i spend more time with taxies than with myself
So yesterday understood the only place i could visit around is Fujahirah and asked for a taxi, as i said am an hermit, don't like tours with others
Now taxi drivers are used to these balooney western ladies who go for gold or shopping, but am a queen i don't go for these useless things
'newayz Fuj is kinda near, nice town, also here lots of buildings but you still free to breathe, large spaces
and what i find here i don't find anywhere al oman? lulu centre lol so just to see how is in each country i went up: found a nice burqa for 80 dhirams and a scarf for 10, am not used yet to the change but maybe is 1/4 so i think i spent almost 25 euros, the problem here is that they're good in calculating dhir>euro but not ryals which i feel more comfortable with
it was not a burqa don't worry, was a nice jalabya but it was written burqa
so as i said to my fans before, i like talking with taxi drivers: Mohammed is a good guy, young and still not with the mind to marry but he'll do inshalah one day
obviously he finds strange that at 37 am not married yet and asks why
i turn my eyes to the sky, remembering the old good times when i used to chat with Aramco friends, and explain him that to find a hubby is not like going to supermarket, well i wish it was, and that maybe was God will for me
he asks if in italy we have big villas like those they have here, hmmm understand what he means and i explain that yes we do but not like traditional families here who have 3 or 4 flats together to stay when they marry
he is curious about marriage in italy and asks how it works there, what age, how many kids
i explain him that it depends on when they finish studies, find a house, money to survive, job
so again he asks how comes am not married, this time i answer that i was too busy with work
Mohammed doesn't like a working wife, well at least he says he can accept but will never allow her to spend money: all that she wants, he'll give her, he doesn't understand the need for her to buy things when he can do
I explain that maybe when you have a work and earn your money you wanna spend it just as a matter of pride, to see materially the results of your efforts, a sort of satisfaction
he agrees but from his eyes i understand he doesn't like the idea
understood that i like different things, he brings me up to this restaurant called Top of the Hills and the location is really wonderful: from there you can see the mountains of Oman and those of UAE.
Is Maghreb time too early to eat so i prefer a dew and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my shesha, 6 months i don't smoke it: here they're not surprised about my request and is full of omanis also, maybe they don't care if a woman smokes or they don't show, while in mct all eyes on me :p
i invite Mohammed to sit with me and we go on talking: he shows me an implant, dunno if water or electricity which starts there and go to AD
"mashallah how comes they do all these great things while in Oman we barely have implants and investors" i ask
Mohamed has a logical explanation: sheik khalifa is very generous, for example he gives money for children births, while Sultan Qaboos just keeps money for himself and people are unhappy, not stimulated to work and create great things for their country
He says that in low voice cause of the omani guests i think, but if they're living there, i think, is probably cause of what he said...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Da italian queen is al emarat

Sorry Lym to steal your title, am sure we'll find an agreement like Camilla and Lizzie :p
So after almost 6 hours, first time in 4 years i find a direct, Balqais lands on Dubai.
As soon as you enter the airport you realise you're not in bedo land: all those ads on cnn and bbc, showing the poor bedouin unders the sun with his falcon must be fairy tales.
Dubai international airport is THE airport: a city in the city, nothing to do with Seeb, Q8, Doha, or Manama. After 50 km walking on tapiroulant and stairs finally i get to the visa collection desk: the lady sees from passport that am italian and shouts "italiaan? go direct!!" I ask one more time in case am dreaming cause is almost 2am and cause am used to ROP, not that they're bad but quite punctilious when they want.
She confirms so i go al passport control, didn't count but at least 10 desks and all full, quick though and i understood why: my pass checker is a guy bin Laden style, no smile, long beard, bit tired maybe. I say "salam alaikum" he says something, i assume is a "w s"; checking deeply my pp he asks "where you from?" "Italy" da queen answers a bit upset
da queen gets upset more, wtf she thinks, til a couple of years ago they asked if i came from Rome, maybe this alliance with Bossi spoiled us, also here they know that northern rocks
thanks God now we have a new ministry, supposed to represent south, next time they'll ask about Micciche' am sure lol
so after long search i find this Travco agent and the car too: going out from Dubai i realise that if i called city an airport, for sure i must call Dubai a continent.
At 2.30am there are girls with jeans and top around, and coffee shops still open!!!! Haraaaaam walla.
I think i passed through city centre, saw the big Mosque, great but how much you pay for electricity, too many light in the front....
Buildings are not all one on another like my mct, they're big and tall, but placed in order to leave some space and make you feel you're still in a place for humans, i hope...
I'll try to visit better in future but honestly don't like.
It takes 1 hour and 45 to get here, no one knows this place lol but is cool
Am not the resort type but prefer this to Dubia
Please don't tell to prince Mohammed cause am still dreaming to get married to him, i think the jordan gal is only the third right??

Monday, April 25, 2005

Messaggio per famiglia De Cesare

Sono arrivata a Dubai Domenica notte, tutto a posto.
Mo sto in un resort a 1 ora mezzo di macchina, Al Aqah vicino Fujairah al confine con l'Oman.
Venerdi' notte mi sposto a Muscat.
Se avete messaggi usate lo shout box:
dove c'e' scritto anonymous, cancellate e mettete il vostro nome, Fede, papa' ecc
sulla terza riga scrivete il messaggio poi cliccate su post

Saturday, April 23, 2005


So is time for me to turn Black Pearl direction to far east.
Tomorrow night inshalah the italian piratess will go to Al Aqah to relax a lil bit and then after weekend in her Sultanate.
God help me.
Will keep in touch, i hope...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Moi and the taxi drivers

I noticed, flying through my fellow bloggers, that the taxi drivers issue is quite popular and there's a reason: is a tough job and i respect it, but some of the category are a big pain in the a$$.
I was obliged to take my driver licence here in Italy when i was 18, cause as mother and father told me, is a sign of indipendence and agree with them: with a car you are a free person indeed!!!
But it was clear from the first lessons that moi and the car have a good relation only if there's a driver for me.
Don't misunderstand, am not a brat, i accomplished things in my life that i never thought i'd do, but driving is not for me, and since i am smart, in few moments, but yes i am, i realised that driving is something that is dangerous not only for my life but for other people life above all.
That's why, the day after getting the licence, i put it aside and use just as document or to renew it.
It was not a big deal in the beginning cause i went to uni immediately, and in a college of nuns first of all, which means 9.30 pm back home, 11 if saturday.
Anyway when you live in a town where public services like bus work good, well you don't feel the need of a car, though you don't feel completely independent, not that my goal in life has ever been that, i think i've always been dependent on something uncounsciosly.
So, pardon my modesty, i think they created taxis appositively for me.
After few years of uni i started to use them more often cause they're faster and less crowded: am not a baba girl as many always accused me, not rich at all, but as many spend money in dresses or going to movies, then i used to spend my money in taxis, useful innit?
Plus if you are a solitary wolf like me, the taxi driver is like a bartender: suppose you happen to meet the same mostly, well they become your secret keepers, or at least the only persons you feel comfortable to talk to.
Well it happens sometimes that you meet weirdos also among them and if you're an unlucky gal like me then you travel in weirdo adventures.
Here in Italy the only time i had a big a$$ shaking was for my first travel to Oman in 2001: i arrived to Roma station and while waiting for a taxi, a guy called me saying "hey ma'am, need taxi?" in a low voice and quite odd; my mother had adviced me to be careful with "abusivi" in Rome, those without licence who make this job out of rules cause she had and her friends had met one once, but i didn't have the time to think about it, i was already in his car sigh.
When the guy told me to sit close to him and not behind cause their taxi service was peculiar, it was too late and i understood i was a chicken.
Spent 1 hour travel til Fiumicino hoping he was not a serial killer and thanks God he was not.
Being a good taxi driver is not enough if you don't have a good car: realised that during a travel in Russia with my cousins; one day we decided to go by ourselves out of the group, the guy had a taxi, a 125 Fiat if am not mistaken, a reliquia in Italy lol, but he started as if he was Senna around Crassivaia Plaza. My eldest cousin had an heart attack and since the driver didn't speak english either, not a problem for us italians, he made a move with hands we use to say "go slow"
Must be something international cause the guy understood.
The day i realised that the reason for i luv the Gulf so much is represented by his people and for their unpredictable actions, was while coming back from a visit at Manama towers: it was a thursday evening and at a certain point the traffic crowd became bigger, plus, for those who believe that there's no freedom of speech in arab countries, well not completely true cause the huge flow of cars was due to 2 events: young saudis coming from Dhaharan for weekend and some boys in the middle of the street screaming loud pro-Palestine.
The move that my driver made, and which got me close to a heart attack, was going with the whole car on the railway platform and running til the hotel like that.
Now you'll say "duh, as if italians are good drivers" Not at all, but in my poor life had seen some going with one maximum two wheels on the pavement but not with all 4 wheels!!!
As i said, i like talking to taxi drivers, when possible, cause they're normal people like me with a normal life: the night i arrived in Manama i found this guy very polite, i had learned from Oman that is not good to talk in public about Gulf rulers, you might risk jail if you say something bad, anyway as far as i knew, there is no gay in this Bahrein Royal family and even if, is none of my business, but what i found strange reading infos before coming, is that the king was Emir before, but now is King, i thought due to some special rule like that of Al Saud where the brother becomes king and not the son.
So this guy looked peaceful and i asked about the mistery, he smiled and said " yes king Hamad was emir some years ago, then decided that king was better so became king and this now a kingdom"
Kept on smiling and when i asked about Saudi Arabia he said "oh no madame, Saudi Arabia not good, no freedom, Bahrein is all free, people come here from everywhere, you will like"
Kuwaiti taxis are very well organised, well all in Q8 is organised, very modern, very western and with them no problem.
About omani taxies well what to say, i like city taxy cause honest but takes long time to come, i think they're 5 or 6 driving, probably they're more by now but they're very good.
The pain in the a$$ are the orange cabs: now i understand that life for them is not easy, i see sometimes the same driver in the same place for hours, while other lucky ones have direct service with hotels but you cannot ask me 30 ryals from Bustan to Carrefour and your collegue 25 or 20. You'll argue "if you have the money to stay in Bustan then you have also the 6 come 6 go" but i worked hard for that money, am not a specialist but when i said to my friends 30 ryals they said they'd come for less than the half leaving their offices also, rofl....
Last time, which was not a shock cause i like this way of life and learned to smile of everything, i was coming out of carrefour with 3 shop bags: the eldest, a guy with long white beard who doesn't know 1 word in english, came to me, i was not worried cause knew him, took the bags all of a sudden and put in his taxi.
Mamma mia!!! The young guy who had the taxi before him and probably the right to pick me, came and they started shouting, others came and tried to calm down: some tourists were bit shocked and didn't understand how i could stay calmly waiting and smiling observing the scene.
lol that's my Oman and i knew in the end it would solve, you just need to keep yourself sabr, sooner or later things come or go, doesn't matter, you cannot change them.
After 10 minutes the youngest infact surrendered and i went back to my hotel with the bags safe in the car.

Abdullah and fair trials

Abdullah al-Riyami,a human rights activist in Oman,is one of those
protesting at the fairness of the trial. "The relatives were not given enough notice regarding the date of the trial,"he told Gulf News. "The lawyer representing them has had only one meeting with the accused prior to the trial,"he added, saying that the whole trial was being treated like a state secret.
A wonderful analysis of the whole thing is on Muscati blog, just this piece captured my attention and brought me back to a near past where i wanted justice for some friends dead in mysterious circumstances involving also italian secret services probably, so the trial found its guilties cause the audience wants that, to feel in peace.With due respect to Abdullah, I've never seen a fair trial and even if, well i don't really care cause i quit believing in justice of earth long time ago.

White smoook New PoooP Black smoook No Dubia

So i was fully immersed in my nap today, under the effects of my anti migrain medications when all of a sudden i hear mother running upstairs saying out loud "White smoke white smoke they elected the Pope"
There was just me on that floor so she knows am not much interested, but she probably was so emotional that she had to go to the toilet and her favourite bathroom is near my room.
In order not to miss anything while doing her natural duties, she switched on two televisions and that made me sure i was not dreaming, awake finally.
Gasp, about 6pm, i slept alot, my medicines are good but have a side effect like everything in this life.
Switched on the mobile, not that any calls or sms me, but you never know, and infact Dada my travel agent left a message: called her back, bad news; no hotel available in Dubai til 30 gasp.
She asked if i wanna wait or go straight to Muscat or somewhere else: still sleepy i think i need few days to stay alone, so ask about alternatives and she says that still must check but maybe Al Ain is possible. "Ok lemme know sweety"
Mother after pee is on her way back downstairs to the other tv, i scream "Hey who's the Pope??" She says, "for now is just the smoke, it will be known after some moments, don't you know?"
Gasp how can i not know, these fundamentals of life.
Check the mobile and shoot the news to some friends around the world.
Sms is my favourite sport.
Ok now am in great shape, what can i do? Let's go in front of tv and wait for the window to open, make some zapping and listen to the best pearls of shits that can be said from journalists while waiting. Something moves, no not yet, lots of rain, sigh here too, woaaaa it opens.
The cardinal makes the announcement in latin, sweet memories i had 9/10 in latin my passion: i hear Joseph and scream "e vaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" translated "go go goooooooo"
Now why a Muslim should be happy about this extra conservative poooop?
Cause i think they need him (well i suggest he gets softer on some hooligans positions) same as we need to modernise ourselves, and both need dialogue, we all need peace.
lol as usual all tv programs tonite on this event, and about this interfaith stuff a senator said "sure we need dialogue with Muslims, but they don't have a pope so who should we talk to?"
Good Q: why not OBL, Balqis suggestion ...they both kick ass lol

Friday, April 15, 2005

Sex preferences around the world

So Esquire made a poll on Bush sex appeal and he had 2/10.
He got the minimum from northern Europe (1.4) and a maximum from Indonesia women (2.2).
No comment though i doubt indonesians read this blog lol.
Now searching for a definition of sex appeal i found:

Physical attractiveness or personal qualities that arouse others sexually.

attractiveness to the opposite sex

That which appeals to the erotic or sexual senses that will arouse the libido through the senses

allure, attraction, attractiveness, beauty, charm, charmingness, engagingness, fascination, glamour, interestingness, pleasingness, seductiveness

Hmmmm well, George doesn't arouse my libido but i'd date him why not?